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Space exploration has always been one of the biggest dreams of humanity.

And over the years, from being a dream, it has become a quest, then a reality. In the past decades, space exploration has developed by leaps and bounds with countless technologies and innovations emerging to help humans reach the stars. And via this site, college student Alexis Fecteau plans to share some of his research on space exploration.

Alexis Fecteau is a college student majoring in astrophysics. 

He has naturally always had a love affair with space exploration. As such, Alexis has a soft spot not just for the science behind space exploration, but also the science fiction side. He loves well-made science fiction movies and watches his favorites repeatedly whenever he has the time.



Like so many others who have been enamored by the dream of space exploration, Alexis Fecteau has closely followed many projects and programs centered around taking humanity to the next frontier. One of the most high-profile and popular of these projects and programs today is Elon Musk’s plan to explore and create a colony on Mars – SpaceX.


Science Fiction Films

As a student majoring in astrophysics, Alexis Fecteau lives and breathes space exploration. In line with this, he has a lifelong love affair with science fiction films, shows, and stories on any platform.
For this particular blog, Alexis Fecteau shares some of the best sci-fi movies from the ‘80s and ‘90s that every sci-fi lover should watch at least once in their lifetime.


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