Space Exploration Blog

Alexis Fecteau is a college student majoring in astrophysics. He has naturally always had a love affair with space exploration. As such, Alexis has a soft spot not just for the science behind space exploration, but also the science fiction side. He loves well-made science fiction movies and watches his favorites repeatedly whenever he has the time.

Alexis Fecteau believes that space exploration has been a dream of humanity, not just for decades, but for centuries even.  While man’s ancestors marveled at what they saw in the night sky, some people have used the stars as maps. During the middle ages, scientists such as Galileo defied religious edicts and shared what they knew to be true – that there is more to the universe than just planet Earth.

As the centuries passed, space exploration, from being a dream, has become a quest, then finally a reality.  In the past decades, the development of countless space technologies and innovations has allowed man to achieve feats that very few imagined were possible.  Even with hundreds of space flights successfully launched, it still amazes Alexis Fecteau when new projects come up.

As a huge fan of space exploration, Alexis Fecteau has made it a point to read up and research anything and everything surrounding the subject matter.  These include NASA and Air Force projects, the landing on the moon, the International Space Station, and Elon Musk’s SpaceX and Virgin’s space tourism programs, among others.  Alexis learns as much as he can and shares them with everyone through his blogs.

Alexis Fecteau also plans to devote a section on this website on the science fiction genre of entertainment.  He looks forward to sharing his many insights on sci-fi movies, even those not about space exploration.  He’ll be reviewing movies, listing down his favorite flicks (and maybe even TV shows and series), and writing about the history and evolution of sci-fi filmmaking.  Alexis will also be featuring the profiles of highly acclaimed filmmakers such as Stanley Kubrick, Steven Spielberg, Ridley Scott, James Cameron, George Lucas, and the Wachowskis, to name a few.

So, hold on tight, because through his series of blogs, Alexis Fecteau hopes to bring readers on the ride of a lifetime, to explore new worlds and the universe that was once beyond anyone’s reach.