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The SpaceX timeline: 2020 to 2025

Like so many others who have been enamored by the dream of space exploration, Alexis Fecteau has closely followed many projects and programs centered around taking humanity to the next frontier. One of the most high-profile and popular of these projects and programs today is Elon Musk’s plan to explore and create a colony on Mars – SpaceX. Both Boeing and SpaceX are trying to become the first private company to carry astronauts into space. To give people an idea of SpaceX, Alexis Fecteau shares a timeline of Musk’s plans between 2020 and 2025.


will be year of further Starship testing for the SpaceX program. The vessel will undergo high-altitude and high-velocity travel, with its boosters closely monitored. Dozens, maybe even hundreds of tests have to be accomplished before putting people on board. Key figures of SpaceX are hopeful for an orbital Starship late 2020. SpaceX VP of Commercial Sales Jonathan Hofeller revealed that the Starship would be making its first commercial flight in


. The mission for the trip may very well be to send a commercial telecom satellite into space. A successful mission could mean a lot for the program and the funding of SpaceX, Alexis Fecteau adds. In


, SpaceX could be the year that SpaceX finally touches down on Mars. Back in 2017, Musk mentioned that at least two ships (unmanned) could reach the red planet. Alexis Fecteau, along with many other astrophysics majors, is excited for this since both Earth and Mars will be closer to each other making conditions for travel ideal.


also holds big promise for SpaceX as Japanese billionaire Yukazu Maezawa and six to eight other individuals who are planning to embark on a trip around the moon. It may not be a mission to Mars, but Alexis Fecteau believes that its success will prove to many people that the Starship is a viable vessel for the project. The most significant event in


is the alignment of Earth and Mars yet again for another ideal space trip. According to Musk, there are already plans to send more than two cargo ships to Mars that will be carrying materials for laying the groundwork on the next phase of the SpaceX plan.


may finally be the year that people get to go to Mars, which may very well be the most significant year of the entire SpaceX program. Musk’s plan is to send two crew ships with highly trained people to set up the colony using the tools and materials brought by the previous cargo ships.